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Frequently asked questions

With the end of development of Adobe Muse I'm sure you have questions!

Are you still supporting the widgets and templates?

There is limited support for widgets and templates since the end of development of Muse. The widgets and templates are still available for simple website builds. If you find that a widget is not working as intended feel free to reach out at for a full refund.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The subscription can be canceled directly from your account either via your login or through the SendOwl email.

To confirm that a subscription is canceled in PayPal visit: Canceling a subscription in PayPal.

If you are having issues with canceling a subscription or would like to request a refund email me at

Where is my login?

If you subscribed before July 14, 2018 and after August 24, 2021 you account can be accessed via the SendOwl email that was sent when first subscribing. If you do not have access to this email you can request it via this link:
Access Account

If you subscribed after July 14, 2018 and before August 24, 2021 your account and subscription can be accessed here:

How do I download Adobe Muse?

Adobe Muse can be downloaded from your Creative Cloud subscription.

Do you recommend an alternative to Adobe Muse?

As an alternative to Adobe Muse I highly recommend Webflow.

You can visit my Webflow project here:

Why do you still offer your widgets, templates, and subscription?

Although support for Muse has ended many users are still looking to build a quick site without much effort. Adobe Muse still provides a very easy way to build a website and I wanted to continue to give users the opportunity to use my resources while Adobe still allows Muse to be downloaded within Creative Cloud.