Moving Slideshow Widget

A slideshow with 11 different ken burn type effects.
Web Animation

Add multiple instances on one page

Add multiple slideshows on one page.

Add up to 12 images per slideshow

Add up to 12 images and set the slideshow height, and corner-radius.

Choose from 11 different effects

Choose from 11 different ken burns type of effects, or have them all play at random. Set the effect duration and transition speed.

Customize captions

Set the color and size of captions for each image.

Set navigation colors

Set the navigation background color and text color.

Customize dot navigation

Customize the color, size, and border-radius of the dot navigation for the slideshow.

Set the height for the slideshow across breakpoints

Set different heights for the slideshow across different breakpoints.


The widget works across all breakpoints and can be set to responsive width, responsive width and height, and stretch to browser width.

Multi-Browser Support

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer IE 11+

Version 1.1

Version 1.1


  • Ability to have a different height for each slideshow on the website.
  • Ability to change the height of the slideshow across four different breakpoints.
  • Ability to have the slideshow be responsive in width using the built-in ‘Resize’ option in Adobe Muse.

Version 1.0


  • Ability to disable link cursor over images when there are no links.
  • Fixed issue with first image not linking.