Image Zoom Widget

Add a unique zoom animation to images on hover with the Image Zoom Widget! Zooming has never been easier!
Web Animation

Add multiple instances on one page

Add multiple instances of the image zoom widget on the page.

Add any image

Add any image and setting the fitting and position of the image within the widget.

Set zoom options

  • Set the zoom scale, speed, easing, and cursor type.
  • Set the zoom to fit within the widget or zoom out of the widget.
  • Allow the image to move with the mouse when the user hovers.


The widget works across all breakpoints and can be set to responsive width, responsive width and height, and stretch to browser width.

Multi-Browser Support

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer IE 11+

Version 1.1

Version 1.1


  • Fixed issue with zoom speed not changing when entering a different value in the zoom speed option.