Responsive Lightbox Gallery Widget

One of our best selling widgets! Add a responsive Lightbox gallery of images, or video to your website.

Add various media

Add images, html5 video, Youtube video, and Vimeo video to the Lightbox. With the "RLG - Single" widgets you can link a Lightbox to any element on your website! View video tutorial for more info.

Add multiple instances on one page

Add multiple instances of the Lightbox on one page.

Style thumbnails

Set the thumbnail styling options.

Add thumbnails

Add smaller thumbnails for the Lightbox before showing full image to help reduce load time when the website first loads.

Style Lightbox

Style all the colors and text within the Lightbox to match your website!

Add up to 12 images or videos

Add up to 12 images or videos, or use the "RLG - Add-On" widgets to add more images and video.

Set image link, caption, description, alternative text

Tell users more about your content by adding a title and caption that will show up within the Lightbox!


The widget works across all breakpoints and can be set to responsive width, responsive width and height, and stretch to browser width.

Multi-Browser Support

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer IE 11+

Version 1.9

Version 1.9


  • Issues with various touch-screen monitors has been fixed.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Updated code.

Version 1.8


  • Elements now move down the page when the height of the thumbnails changes.
  • Ability to set the width of the thumbnails by resizing the widget in Adobe Muse.
  • Ability to have the thumbnails be responsive by using the ‘Responsive Width’ option in Adobe Muse.
  • Ability to remove the zoom on hover for the thumbnail widgets.
  • Aligning the widget to the left, center, or right is now done within the ‘Thumbnails’ section of the widget and not the Adobe Muse ‘Text’ option.
  • Fixed Javascript Exception error showing up on Windows computers for the ‘Add-On’ widgets.

Version 1.7


  • Ability to open the “RLG Single” Lightbox at a certain image using the built-in ‘Tooltip’ option within the ‘Hyperlinks’ panel in Adobe Muse. Set the image number in the tooltip. The first image starts at 0.
  • Ability to enable or disable the previous and next buttons in the Lightbox.
  • Ability to enable or disable the looping of images within the Lightbox.
  • Ability to change the hover color of the icons within the Lightbox.
  • Ability to change the distance between the thumbnails within the Lightbox.
  • Performance Improvements
  • Updated code.