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Responsive Browser Height Widget 1.0

In this example, the image is set to 100% height with the 'Responsive Browser Height' widget. The text over it has been centered using the 'Browser Centering' widget. Scroll down to see how to use the widget.

How to use the widget and add content below the 100% height element?


If you would like to have some content below the 100% height element, simply put the content at a desired distance from it.

For example, if you want your page content to be at a distance of 100px from the 100% height element, as in this example, you should put it at a distance of 100px from the element.

Drag the 'Responsive Browser Height' widget from the Library Panel (Window > Library) and place onto your Adobe Muse website. It can be placed off-canvas.

Place the element you would like to be responsive in height onto your website. Make sure the element is at the top of your website, that is, Y = 0

Assign a graphic style name to the element. Open Responsive Browser Height widget options. Enter this graphic style name and set the responsive height percentage within the widget options.

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