Have text automatically type on your Adobe Muse website with the Solo Type Widget from Muse For You

Before beginning to work with Solo Type Widget, be sure to drag and drop the 'Solo Type - Add First' widget onto your Adobe Muse website. It can be placed on Master Page as well.



To add multiple phrases, type the phrases like this:

First Phrase', 'Second Phrase', 'Third Phrase

No single quotes at the beginning and end. For example, if you want to type 3 phrases - Muse For You, Awesome Websites, and Without Code, it should look like this:

Muse For You', 'Awesome Websites', 'Without Code

To add an apostrophe, add a back slash before the apostrophe. For example if the word is Cat's it would be: Cat\'s

After placing the Add First widget at the top of your website, drag the 'Solo Type' widget from the library panel (Window > Library) and place onto your Adobe Muse website.

Open widget options. In second section that says - 'Text', you can type the text in 'Text' field, set font color, size (1em = 16px), font weight, letter spacing, line height, and text alignment.

To change the font type for the text, select the widget and then go to the built-in Adobe Muse “Text” option in the upper toolbar. From here you can select any web font from the fonts menu.

In this example, we have put the values as follows:

Font Color - White

Font Size - 2.8em, that is, 46px

Font Weight - 700

Letter Spacing - 0

Line Height - 1.2, that is, 120%

Text Alignment - Left



In 'Typing' section within widget options, you can set the speed of typing, delay before the typing begins, backspace speed, and backspace delay. All these options are set in milliseconds (1000ms = 1s)

You can also have the typing loop by enabling the 'Loop' option within this section.

Similarly, in the section below it that says - 'Cursor', you can set the cursor size, speed, color, and opacity.

In this example, we have put the values as follows:

Type Speed - 25ms

Back Speed - 10ms

Start Delay - 1500ms, that is, 1s due to which the typing takes time to start

Back Delay - 1700ms

Loop - Enabled



Solo Type Widget is Fully Responsive

You can resize the widget as per your needs via built-in Adobe Muse 'Resize' Option. Here you can set it to responsive width, stretch to browser width, or none. Responsive and browser pinning for the widget works the same way as any other element on your Adobe Muse website.

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