Welcome to Scroll to Top Widget 1.2

Add a scroll to top button in the lower right hand corner of the browser with the Scroll To Top Widget from Muse For You

Drag and drop the widget onto your Adobe Muse website from the Library Panel (Window > Library).

The widget itself does not need to be in the lower right hand corner when designing in Adobe Muse. The button automatically appears in that position.


Add a custom image for scroll to top button


You can add different images for normal and hover state of scroll to top button

After placing the 'Scroll to Top' widget on your website, open widget options. In first section that says - 'Image', click 'Add File', browse for the image, and done! You can also set the width and height of the button in this section.


Set the position of the button


The Scroll to Top button automatically appears in the Lower Right Hand Corner. However, it can be changed within the widget options.

Open widget options. In 'Position' section, you can set the button position to - top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right. If 'Center Button' option is selected, you can position the button in 'top-center' or 'bottom-center'.

In this section, you can also specify scroll button's left/right and top/bottom distance (in pixels) with respect to the browser. In this case, it is set to 40px from left and bottom.

In 'Scrolling' section within widget options, you can set the amount to scroll (in pixels) before the button appears. In this case, it is set to 1000px

You can also set the scroll to top speed and easing, button fade-in and fade-out durations (in milliseconds, 1000 ms = 1s). In this case, scroll to top speed is 700ms, easing - EaseInQuart, fade-in and fade-out are set to 200ms.


Scroll amount, speed, easing, offset, and button transition options


If you want your website to scroll up to a certain distance from the top of the page, you can specify it in the ‘Scroll To Top Offset’ option.


Breakpoints Section

If you would like the button to not appear at and below a certain breakpoint, set this option in the ‘Breakpoints’ section

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